Face of Christ

This Portrait of Christ is an example of Classical Glass Painting Technique. It was executed by Ani Jamyang Donma for Robert McCausland Ltd. in 1996 for a window depicting ‘The Garden of Gethsemene. The pigments used in this technique are painstakingly applied with a needle and then kiln-fired to be made permanent. There is evidence of this type of work lasting 500 years or more. The detail that can be achieved with this technique is remarkable and timeless. Ani Jamyang Donma of Yulokod Studios apprenticed for seven years to learn this technique, it is not available at art schools or craft courses. One of the goals of Yulokod Studios is to take these precious and rare techniques and reintroduce them into the 20th century by applying them to contemporary subjects and artistically relevant locations. With this technique of glass painting one is liberated from having to use the lead line to delineate ones design concepts, it also allows for exact renditions of a photographic quality for instance in the case of portraiture.

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